Friday, April 24, 2009

'Clear and Present Danger'

It is my humble opinion that the following Washington Times story reported by Matthew Cella was semi-spiked. In the excerpted portion below, I will add in brackets what I think was the original copy that was altered before print:
Scores of the District's paramedics [Congressional Democrats] failed to meet the minimum national standard on written exams testing or mishandled basic life-saving procedures [Constitutional requirements] during videotaped assessments,...

"Based on what I saw on those videos, there is no question in my mind," said Paul Werfel, director of New York's Stony Brook University's paramedic program [Joe the Tea Partier] and a clinical assistant professor of health sciences [a citizen who lives in reality]. "To be perfectly honest, I think there's a real threat here. The safety of the people of the District of Columbia [The United States] is at risk. It's a clear and present danger to them."

"Almost all of them exhibited extremely poor technique," Mr. Werfel [Joe] said. "Based on the videos I saw, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I was responsible for putting these people on the streets [in charge of the economy]."
I expect that the story was altered in order to avoid criticism by Perez Hilton who may have labeled them 'stupid bitches.'

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