Thursday, April 02, 2009

Packers, Sign Him Up

It seems that when Aaron Rodgers dangerously throws into a crowd he could rely on Robert Lemire or Alex Day to come up with the catch under pressure.
Robert Lemire tells the Eagle-Tribune that he was talking on his cell phone Sunday evening outside a pizza shop in Lawrence, about 25 miles north of Boston, when he saw the toddler dangling from a window across the street.

The 45-year-old father of two bolted across a busy street, where he met 23-year-old Alex Day, who had been inside the home at a Bible study meeting. Together, they caught the 18-month-old before she hit the ground.
Lemire, being 45, is too old for the league, but Day is only 23 and will have a bright future.

Acting like they have been there before, both of the receivers chose not to spike after the catch.

Better get 'im before the Patriots do.

Congratulations to both you guys.

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