Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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The Secret Service designates special code names to all for which they are responsible to provide security. The President is "Renegade," Michelle is "Renaissance," Malia is "Radiance," Sasha is "Rosebud, Bo is "The Dog," and MSM journalists are collectively known as "Bo."
-Former USA Today Reporter: 'Watchdogs Are Heeling for Obama'1

-Barack and Bo Obama: why dogs are a president's best friend2

-Fear not, animal activists: Obamas' dog Bo is already neutered3

-Obama Dog Trainer: Bo Already "Sits, Shakes, Rolls Over"4

-First dog Bo meets White House press corps5
And there was a whole lotta butt-sniffin' and self-lickin' goin' on in der! I think they call it 'foreplay during inbreeding.'

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