Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sports Check

I think I'll turn on the TV to check out the scores in the NCAA semi-finals. I know that the Big East Conference had two of the four teams left. Since they had the vastly superior conference this season, I expect they may place both teams in the Monday championship game. Connecticut played Michigan State. MSU is from the weak, wussie Big Ten Conference, so they don't stand a chance. The Big East's Villanova may have had a tougher time with North Carolina, however.

Let's see... North Carolina stomped Villanova's butt royally. But as expected, Connecticut... Oh, wait, the lowly Big Ten team upset them! Wow! That has to rank up there with the 1980 American Olympic hockey upset of the Soviets!

I wonder how the NIT championship turned out. Hmmm... Let's see. Oh, Penn State won that one. That the lowly Big Ten Conference has been this successful is about as likely as a Winter snow storm happening here in April during this global warming crisis.

I'd better check tomorrow's weather. Oh, crap! More snow.

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