Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Etiological Theories

The Etiologists in our secret basement laboratory who have been researching the Swine Flu outbreak are split into two competing schools of thought concerning the flu's onset.

The first group, the minority, have been dubbed the 'Beastiophobes' by their rivals. Their studies lead them to the conclusion that his influenza had its beginning through a small group of people demanding the same civil rights as heterosexuals:

The majority view, lead by Drs. Cox & Forkum, dubbed the 'Sociophobes' by their sneering detractors, had predicted the Swine Flu's outbreak back in 2006. They believe that it began thusly:

I personally favor the second view. However, I do also credit the first view as the correct one for the latest outbreak of the dreaded Barfing Pork-Flavored Phlegmitis.

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