Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Christen to Dissin'

Former Vice-President Al Gore recently christened and otherwise blessed the sea-worthy boat called Fleur.

The crew of three, which left Mount Batten Marina in Plymouth on 19 April, aimed to rely on sail, solar and man power on a 580-mile (933km/h) journey to and from the highest point of the Greenland ice cap.

The expedition was followed by up to 40 schools across the UK to promote climate change awareness.

But... atrocious weather dogged their journey after 27 April, culminating with a rescue on 1 May after the boat was temporarily capsized three times by the wind. In one incident Mr. Stoddart hit his head and the wind generator and solar panels were ripped from the yacht.

Were they rescued by one of Al Gore's jets? Nah, they were rescued by an OIL TANKER. All three of the crew are reportedly exhausted but safe on board the tanker Overseas Yellowstone.

When asked to comment, Al Gore confidently stated, "It didn't snow a single flake."

The Trog has more Al Gore news.

(H.T. Memeorandum.)

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