Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Conservative Considerations

Donald Douglas over on American Power puts out a good discussion of the depths to which Conservatives should go to combat the dirty dealings of their opponents. One really can't knee them in the groin since there isn't much there to injure. Douglas stresses the importance of winning, disallows unilateral disarmament, but recommends measured dirt. Sounds pretty reasonable. Threats or actual usage of this philosophy could also prove effective in reigning in or culling out of RINO's as well.

Donald doesn't mention it, but not a few Conservatives are also considering starting a party of their own, thus excising all the RINO's in one fell swoop. In this, I am a Puritan and not a Pilgrim. I'd rather reform than walk.

However, for those Pilgrim Conservatives wishing to start anew. I have one suggestion. Do not name your party, The New Bull Moose Party or anything like it.

(Photo from American Power)

I don't think that any name using buffalo would be too hot either.


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Left Coast Rebel said...

Awesome pic, great blog here!