Friday, May 01, 2009

I'd Better Quit While I'm Ahead

Many may consider my CPR performance history to be a dismal one. Two tries, two fails. After recent developments, I've decided it is time to retire while I'm still ahead.

Development #1:
First aider Steve Schiltenwolf, 42, of Wolfratshausen, spotted the woman collapse in the street and pulled up to give her help.

"I could see something really bad had happened and did what I could to help. I knew the best thing was to just get her an ambulance and the last thing I was thinking about was where and how long I could park my car," he said.

"I waited with her for the ambulance to arrive but when I got back to my car I found a traffic warden writing a ticket. She could see what I'd stopped for and I tried to explain it but it didn't make any difference.1
Development #2:
On Tuesday, 59-year-old Eileen Bowden gave John Rahbar CPR minutes after he collapsed with no pulse while collecting foul balls following a team practice.

Bowden's actions kept Rahbar alive until paramedics arrived, but then Bowden collapsed... She later died.2

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