Sunday, May 24, 2009

Labels- Warning & Union

Warning: When using this Off-Road Commode it is suggested that you stop driving first.


We are getting used to goofy warning labels on all types of products these days. "This fork is intended for the use of placing food in your mouth. It is not recommended that you swallow fork or jam it in your eye." I suspect this is a result of our public education system embedded in a rights oriented, irresponsible, and litigious culture.

Sometimes one just has to wonder why some labels lack warnings that seem necessary. For example, the following label included no reasonable warnings whatsoever:

Perhaps I am wrong and there actually was a warning included with this label:

Look for this union label
When you are buying that politician or judge.
Remember somewhere our union's waning,
Our wages taken to feed the lobby, to turn health care to sludge.
We work hard, and we are gaining.
Thanks to the S.E.I.U. we're getting our way!
So always look for the union label,
It says we're able to make it a socialist U.S.A.!

I'll chalk that up to the public education system.


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