Friday, May 15, 2009

Looks Vaguely Familiar...

But could I pick him out of a lineup?
hello. i am carl the consuveetiv. you hav not seen me befor, but i am a consuveetiv lik u who voted for raygun, hates poor peepul, and reads the blog imoa. i am consurned tho that the reepublikans are going in an extreemust direcshun.

i am consurveetiv who like the jebus and nascar but i do not like all this crazy talk of cutting spending and taxes and not letting teh gheys marree and racist tee partees. we need to stop lissuning to bad dum consurveetivs like limbah who eets the drugs or palin who is stoopid and do not reed. insted we shood lissun to meghan mccain an colon powel hoo ar not dum stoopid neocon heelbilly jues. an we shood not be so meen to obama hoo we must admit has gud ideas.

also we shood not lissun to crayzee pairanoyd talk frum bad dum consurveetivs hoo say that libruls want to eet our eyeballs. this is not troo. an even if it wer troo i am shure dey wood not turn our eyeballs into poo and throw the poo at us. we hav nuthing to worree about except bad dum consurveetivs.
Grandpa Steve, do you see the perpetrator among these mug shots?

It's the one on THE FAR LEFT, Officer. I'm sure of it.

(Post & top picture copied from IMAO.)

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