Monday, May 04, 2009

Obamology 101

During President Obama's inauguration speech:
We witnessed an apteryx descending from the heavens and lighting upon him. And booming voices cried out, "This is our beloved Messiah, with whom we are well pleased. Obey ye him."
And Obama, along with his faithful disciples in his cabinet and Congress, everywhere preached the gospel of the kingdom.
America is my kingdom and its citizens are my body.
And the self-righteous Conservatives plotted to have Obama crucified, saying that he preached Constitutional heresy.
Barack cried out, "Have I not the right to do with my own body as I see fit?"
The Conservatives were silenced and secretly sought a Judas to betray Barack for a mere 30 billion pieces of silver.

In a quiet moment of meditation, I began to wonder whatever happened to that apteryx. After a brief interweb search, I found the answer:

(With apologies to the late Johnny Hart.)
(Click to enlarge)

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