Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Aspirin in Every Pot

It seems that Jill is a little bit of skeptical about President Obama's 'health care for everybody' plan titling her post Obama: Healthier people must have insurance forced on them. She seems to think that this plan is trying to 'have your cake and eat it, too.'

Jill is a heretic when President Obama says, "I think it is achievable, as long as we stay focused on driving down costs, as well as expanding coverage." I don't even know what she looks like, but I can still see her rolling her eyes and expressing a large 'harrummmph!'

She seems to forget all the successful and money saving projects that have been completed by government programs since forever. Create or save has been happening since the Neanderthals created 'beer bellies' in early humans and saved the species.

In order to give Pundette an attitude adjustment:

We are all Neanderthals now.

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pundette said...

My attitude has
been in need of adjustment for a long time I guess. Thanks.