Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Come & Get It

Mark Leibovich reported in the New Yorkie Times:
What Has 132 Rooms and Flies?

WASHINGTON — The White House is bugged! No, not like that. But actual flies are swarming the place, confounding housekeepers, irritating aides, even trying to feast on the president.
I suspect that Capitol Hill also suffers the same fate.

The Entomologists in our secret basement laboratory visited D.C. and studied the condition first hand.

Their conclusion:

Poop, crap, s**t, turds, Pelosi, baby ruths, dump, droppings, dung, dingleberries, chocolate hotdogs, lincoln logs, floaters, ca-ca...
human waste, doo-doo, poo-poo, Reid, poopies, good old #2, brown baby boy, fudge, a steamer, a plop, a load, a pile, feces...

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