Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Humor & The Grim Reality

According to CNN
'World's cheapest car' coming to US

"It will need to meet all emission and crash standards and so we hope in the next two years we will be offering such a vehicle in the U.S," Ratan Tata told a panel at the Cornell Global Forum on Sustainable Global Enterprise late Wednesday.

The company plans to offer a European version of the car, which costs about $2,300, in 2011.
We can have more fun with this little guy than anything since Chevrolet tried to sell the Nova to the Hispanic community.

"Hey, Amigo, you trying to sell me a car whose name in Spanish is 'No Go?'

The 2011 Tata Nano:

From the lost episodes of 'Leave it to Beaver':

Eddie Haskell at the Cleaver front door, 'Ding-dong'.

Mrs. Cleaver: "Why hello, Eddie. Wally's upstairs. He'll be right down. Did you see our two brand new cars in the driveway?"

Eddie: "Why yes, Mrs. Cleaver and I must say that you have a very nice set of Tatas."

New Ford F150 commercial:

Howie Long: "What's ya drivin' there, buddy?"

Wussie guy: "The new Tata Nano, a second vehicle for, ya know, truckers."

Howie: "You'd take that toy out of the driveway?"

Wuss: "Yeah, it has all the required safety features. You know, for truckers."

Howie: "Sure... well, tata."

This cheap import could provide inexpensive transportation for thousands of low income Americans as well as those just starting out. It could help provide the opportunity to expand one's present limits economically and grow beyond them.

The reality, however, will be quite different. The key is found in the sentence, "It will need to meet all emission and crash standards."

Since the Obama Administration, the Democrats, and the concerned civilian population embodied in the U.A.W. leadership are so dedicated to the well-being of the poor, who would benefit so greatly by this vehicle, they will make certain that this car indeed meets all modern crash and emission standards. These leaders are only concerned for the safety of the poor and don't want the poor to bear the guilty burden of contributing to anthropocentric global warming.

After all this is said and done, the new Tata Nano could be purchased off the showroom floor for a mere $23,000.



S.logan said...

Re: the lost Leave it to Beaver episode - one of the funniest things I've ever read. You've got a regular reader out of me!

Steve Burri said...

Thank you, Suzanna.

I was hoping that Eddie Haskell reference wouldn't be lost on you youngsters.