Monday, June 08, 2009

Michael Linn Jones

My only knowledge of Michael Jones is from two short posts on Poligazette. The first is Enviro-nazis Ultimate Solution. Key sentence:
I voted for change, not economic suicide.
Also check his statement, #7 in the comment section.

The second post is Barack Obama and the Template of Democratic Doom. Concluding paragraphs:
Many, like me, will ride themselves out of the Democratic Party. It’s not what it once was; perhaps it lost its soul a long time ago. Over time, the Democrats will fail. So will President Obama, which is sad in a way. I remember one analyst years ago saying that Jimmy Carter failed in the White House because he tried to micro-manage everything.

Barack Obama’ s template of doom is that he will insist on micro-managing every aspect of everyone’s life. And that’s another promise he failed to mention last year.
Please read both short posts.

I would like to keep up with this guy and hope that he regularly puts articles up for me to do that.

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