Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Moral of 'The Tale of the Dead Fly'

President Obama taught a lesson the other day that would make the Founding Fathers proud.

“I got the sucker,” the President proclaimed after killing the fly that had been pestering him while doing an interview in the White House.

This simple tale is actually an amazing story that underscores our history of American Exceptionalism.

Here is the outline of the story:

-The pesky fly represented a crisis.

-This crisis had been developing for a long time, but had not been dealt with properly by previous administrations.

-The present administration has proposed steps to overcome the crisis:
Staff members have been issued fly swatters, and one, Brian Mosteller, stood at the ready during Mr. Obama’s television interviews on Tuesday (a lot of good he did).
-President Obama, acting as a private citizen, did not view himself a helpless victim in need of a government fix, handout, or bailout.

-President Obama practiced American Exceptionalism by solving the problem at his own initiative.
“I got the sucker.”
Well done, Mr. President! Now apply that valuable lesson to other areas of American life.

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