Friday, June 19, 2009

Troglodytes Unite!

The current administration is looking to Europe as a source for effective methods to combat The TrogloPundit's hater-style bloviations. At present their greatest hope lies in the U.K.
Hilaire Purbrick has been living in a two-metre wide cave on his plot of land in Brighton, in the UK, for 16 years, London's The Telegraph said.

But Brighton and Hove City Council recently checked the cave and decided it did not have enough fire exits, and got an injunction to ban him from entering it, The Telegraph said.
Rumor has it that The Trogfather has the young Troglita and Troglitos clawing out an alternate exit without even so much as a pick-axe. (Good move, Trog. I wouldn't trust those young buggers with anything more dangerous than a spork, either. At our family gatherings, I always keep my back to a wall, fearing a Trogloshiving from one of those little Troglocrips.)

(H.T. Wicked Thoughts.)

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