Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Obama is Wary of Supporting Iranian Democracy

In the ripple of the wake of President Obama's support for Iranian democracy and criticism of the regime's brutal, murderous hand, it should be noted that our President and the Democrat leadership have more serious issues on their minds.

As the Democrats were able to view images from within Iran they began to realize what they have to do here in the States. Their priority must be gun control. If Americans become inspired by the sacrificial push for freedom and democracy of the Iranians and choose to act in like manner, it would mean big trouble for the present American regime.

Can you imagine an American freedom movement that assembles large crowds such as this that still has the right to own guns?

Gun control; it's a public health issue. It's for the children. It will lessen carbon emissions to save the planet. (That's why the Democrats no longer use the phrase 'Cap & Trade.' They fear the 'Cap' that may bite them in their asses.)

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