Friday, July 03, 2009

Holy Scrap!

Donald Douglas, Associate Professor of Political Science in Southern California and the prolific proprietor of American Power has named Grandpa John's for the Honest Scrap Award.

Thank you, Professor Douglas...

for naming Grandpa John's
(With 3 bullet holes... I wonder what he meant by that. He may have been trying to obliterate the 'S' in Scrap.)

Requirements of this honor include nomination of 7 other worthy award recipients and listing 10 honest things about yourself.

And the winners are:

- The TrogloPundit: A real rags-to-riches story. A Christian and Conservative even from Atheist and Liberal influences. Always good stuff.

- Pundit & Pundette: Yes, this blog has already been named by American Power, but it deserves two, one for Pundit and one for Pundette.

- Paco Enterprises- He's really full of Scrap.

- The Return of Scipio: A real mountain man, or rather, jungle man. PC, what's that?

- The Daley Gator: A hard core S.E.C. fan. I interpret that as 'Strongly Expounds Conservatism.'

- The Blog Prof: Innumerable articles on nuclear power; 21 titled 'The Fermi Chronicles' and most of the rest could be titled 'The Nuclear Meltdowns of Michigan and Washington, D.C.'.

- And So it Goes in Shreveport: From the Farmer's Market to exposing the rotten fruit and vegetables in Louisiana and D.C.

Ten honest things about Grandpa John's and/or me:

- Civil government of any nature will not save me, not even Obama's. Jesus Christ has already done that.

- I am a servant. Sometimes that involves leading, but usually it requires helping someone else in a leadership position.

- I have long worked with brain injured people. Some have been through trauma, some through organic disease. These people have not chosen their condition. My question is: Is Liberalosis a choice or an organic disorder?

- I play shortstop on a city league softball team. At 57, I have lost a step or two over the last 40 years of play.

- Pepperoni is my favorite pizza topping.

- I have a cat named Kittyanna Katrina Kalikovsky Mayovich and she is kinda snooty.

- Pro sports teams: Packers, Brewers, & Bucks. College favorite: Wisconsin Badgers.

- Favorite all-time athlete: Hank Aaron.

- Favorite secular writer: Thomas Sowell.

- We still owe $130,000 to our lawyers. (We won the case, but it is in the appeals process.) That kinda crimps my style.

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