Saturday, July 25, 2009

'... Left a Turd Smell Slow to Dissipate'

In his book, The Worst Hard Time, author Timothy Egan describes the lives of those who lived in the parts of the United States not only during the depression, but also within the areas hardest hit by the dust bowl.

Egan's portrayal of a high plains home using an indoor stove fueled by cow chips uses the aromatic description '...left a turd smell slow to dissipate.' This phrase matches my description of the wafts coming from Washington these days.

Federal government reactions to 'climate change' through Cap & Trade, to health care through ObamaCare, and to the economy through the stimuli all are exacerbating the 'turd smell' that I hope will dissipate sooner than later.

There seems to be no limit to the dung used as fuel in the rationalizing of the government's need to seize control of all of America's life.

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