Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Long Battle is Finally Over

26 months ago we were sued for defamation. We had been added on to an existing suit involving a local contractor suing a 'deep pockets' television station and another customer. To defend ourselves, of course, we hired two attorneys. These two have been retained for 103 weeks. We have been through one jury trial, countless motions, and were prepared for another year of battle while the first appeals process was completed. Yesterday a settlement was reached. It is over.

Using a military analogy to summarize: We were attacked and briefly retreated while gathering intel. At the proper time we counter-attacked. During the prolonged fighting we took a good deal of our adversary's territory. Between major operations, our adversary threatened to complain to the U.N. During this time they agreed, instead, that if we would give about 1/10 of the territory back, they would settle and leave to U.N. out of it. We were war weary, but the war still remained popular. In a gesture of good will and desire for world peace, however, we signed the truce.

The hired mercenaries will soon be able to return home.

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