Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wimbledon '09

This year's Wimbledon is down to the semi-final matches. On the women's side, it appears that the championship could well be between the American sisters, Serena and Venus Williams.

The men's side is down to Haas, a German, Federer, a Swiss, Andy Murray, a Brit, and Andy Roddick, an American. If Roger Federer were to win, he would surpass Pete Sampras for all time victories in majors at 15.

I've only followed the tournament in passing as I am not a big tennis fan, but my major human interest of this event is Andy Murray. Although he would be my third favorite choice on the men's side after Roddick and Federer, his story is most compelling.

Andy Murray went to elementary and high school in Dunblane, Scotland. When he was a couple of months short of 9 years-old and attending to the school day, a man named Thomas Hamilton entered his school and murdered 17 of Andy's schoolmates and teachers. Now, 13 years later, Murray has advanced the the Wimbledon semi-final. Nice recovery.

My final picks are Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

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The blogprof said...

Federer will probably takes it, but pistol Pete will always be better in my book. Federer hit his stride when there was no competition for him. Pete had to compete with the Lendles when he broke in and had Agassi nipping at his heals.