Monday, August 17, 2009

'Cause Palin Weighs Their Corpses Down with Rocks

Bill Steigerwald explains how he knows that polar bears aren't drowning from the melting of Arctic ice:
Because if even just one emaciated drowned polar bear's body had been fished from Arctic waters in the last five years, we'd have seen its sorry carcass a thousand times on TV and on the covers of Time and Vanity Fair.

By now the poor dead bear would have been given a trademarked first name, marketed as the official victim of Exxon Mobil-caused climate change and starred in three Pixar movies.
But he still gets a newsletter from the Natural Resources Defense Council:
With six pages of exclamation points, underlined sentences, boldfaced type fonts and apocalyptic predictions about imminent planetary and polar bear doom, it looked like a direct-mail parody when I first pulled it from my mailbox the first week of August.

It was the real thing, however.

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