Sunday, August 09, 2009

Democrats Use Mimes to Translate ObamaCare

Ling and Marie over on Interesting News Items always put up some great stuff.

Here's another great example:

Mimes Explain Obamacare
WASHINGTON, DC - Fearful of angry constituent questions, Democratic congressmen have hired mimes to attend townhall meetings and "act out" the healthcare bill. Said Democratic Party spokesperson Tara Pung: "By using gestures and cuteness, the mimes will hopefully diffuse anger and cause people to laugh at their own foibles, rather than focus on a giant, unread plan to take-over the nation's health care."...

...Constituents beat the mime with a folding chair.

...He was struck with the card catalog.

"Speaker Pelosi assures me we have sufficient mimes to get through August...
On deck- Parrots.


Mark Harvey said...

Obamacare is going down in FLAMES!

Ling Carter said...

Thanks for the shout-out.

Pelosi's district is mime-heavy. They're just getting rid of the dross.

Steve Burri said...

But, Ling,

Mimes overwhelmingly vote Democrat.