Friday, August 14, 2009

John Kerry- Progressive Pioneer

While I have never been a fan of macro-evolution; a cow turning into a whale, a reptile turning into a bird, or a rat to a man, new evidence has come to light that may cause me to change my thinking.

We all remember the hoots that were had when Senator John Kerry voted for it before he voted against it. Poor Senator Kerry, he was just ahead of his time. But, like most pioneers, he had to take the arrows for the benefit of others to follow.

He evolved.

Now that the pioneer came and conquered, the settlers may enter in safety.

Ezekiel Emanuel preached withholding of care to useless eaters.

He evolved.

Nancy Pelosi was a big fan of town hall disrupters in 2006.

She evolved.

John Kerry was just ahead of his time, but his ability to evolve from a cow to a beached whale was proved by his electoral success. Emanuel and Pelosi are able to use Kerry's victory as a stepping stone to achieve their own successes. Emanuel evolved from a Neanderthal to a rat; Pelosi from a bird to a reptile.

Let us hope that Pelosi and Emanuel are able to succeed in like manner as Kerry.


kc said...

Emanuel DEVOLVED from a Neanderthal to a rat; Pelosi from a bird to a reptile.

There, that's better.

Steve Burri said...

You are correct, of course, but Emanuel himself used the word 'evolved' so I had to stick with that.

Anonymous said...

Given the financial crisis of the last year, you may want to reconsider what you think of John Kerry's two votes.

They were not votes on the same bill. The first bill that Kerry voted FOR was a bill that would have rolled back the tax cuts given to the top 1% and provided oversight on the spending. This was consistent with Kerry being the first liberal Democrat to side with Gramm/Rudman, a bill that required balancing increased expenditures with either taxes of spending cuts. He then voted AGAINST the bill that added it to the debt. As to oversight, Kerry was against the potential for corruption with no bid contracts. That billions of dollars spent could not even be accounted for showed he was right.

He explained his positions on both bills at length in the Senate. His error was simply that after explaining this well to one questioner, he responded with the shorthand that became so useful to the Republicans. The fact is Kerry is very consistent for a politician.

Steve Burri said...

Kerry ought to run again in 2012.