Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please Show Your Work

In an article on titled Kathleen Parker, the Barry Lynn of the South, Ann Coulter makes the following statement:
How one gets from "we don't want socialized medicine" to "we hate black people" was a tough equation. As my algebra teacher used to say: "Please show your work."
It's true because I feel strongly that it is true. Don't try to force that racist-sexist-homophobic-xenophobic oppressive white male constructed logic and rational narrative down my throat!


Clifton B said...

Parker and Lynn have participated in what I call Manufactured Racism. This is when people use convoluted logic to create racism where none exist. It appears to be all the rage now.

e.g. Equating the Obama Joker Poster to racism, equating socialism to racism, etc.

Basically any legitimate criticism that really stings Obama must be twisted to be racist. The real danger with constantly manufacturing racism, is the Boy Who Cried Wolf effect. When real racism rear its ugly head, there will be a collective YAWN!

Divinity Avenue said...

That Coulter quote cracked me up as well. Astute, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

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