Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Real Payne in the Presidential Patootie

At the request of the Obama Administration, patriotic citizens have been encouraged to report 'fishy' claims written about ObamaCare. (I've heard several White House staffers refer to them as 'Bass-turds.')

Since it is well known that nearly all Right Wing Conservative mobsters are illiterate racist-sexist-homophobic-xenophobic-4 toothed bigots who ignorantly cling to their guns and religious traditions, such a program could hardly be considered effective. Ignorant members of the Right seldom can read and if they can 'see and say' a few words on the printed page, none can actually comprehend what those complex marks on paper (or computer screen) mean.

The most dangerous purveyors of fishy information are photographers and political cartoonists. Henry Payne is one such danger to the democratic process:

Even the most ignorant Hillbilly Redneck can understand the fishy statement that this cartoon implies as they probably have heard the story of the Trojan Horse on the Cartoon Network or something. They might even be expected to question the use of the word 'Trojan' in this case as misused. 'Unprotected' and 'Bareback' would more accurately depict the situation.

President Obama! President Obama! Henry Payne is passing information about your fishy ObamaCare plan!

H.T. Left Coast Rebel Mobster.)

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