Friday, August 14, 2009

TrogloPundit Undergoes Death Panel Counseling

The TrogloPundit, otherwise known to surface dwellers as the mild-mannered Lance Burri, recently went to the doctor for a routine check up. As Lance is getting a little long in the tooth, he was required to see the region's Death Panel Counselor to receive End of Life information.

"Mr. Lance Burri, it says here that you have had chronic complains of bunions and hangnails. Hmmmm... (It also says that you have been flagged by the White House as a fishy conservative Republican right-wing blogger.) I am directed by your government to counsel you about end of life issues and cost overruns. My calculations show that the treatment costs for your chronic ailments have far exceeded your value to the present administration. Further expenses for medical care have been denied. However, we are not without compassion and wish to make your final three hours as pleasant as possible."

"Your records tell us your weight and favorite drink. Our medical scientists, all top men trained by Ezekiel Emanuel, have ascribed the dosage of your prescription."

"Here, go fill this scrip out at Joe's Government Bar & Pharmacy."

"Have a nice day."

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