Monday, September 07, 2009

As Plain as the News in Your Face

The Nose On Your Face has been all over recent Obama Administration moves.

Fake, but accurate.

-ObamaCare Death Panel considering 'End of Life' planning booklets; one example:

-President Obama's Address to The Children:

The Obama Department of Education's pre-speech classroom preparation:
Make sure each student gets a “President Obama Deputy Czar” patch.[...]

President Obama’s speech provides the perfect setting to teach students how Republican propaganda and misinformation makes President Obama’s job super-duper hard, and that they can help by regularly providing you, their teacher, with tape recordings, as well as names and addresses, of anyone in their family who doesn’t seem to understand just how important President Obama is.[...]
During and after the speech:
How grateful am I to live during President Obama’s term?
Why is community organizing widely considered the idea training ground for the Presidency?
Do my parents really need 2 cars?
Why are there countries, anyway?
How much fun would it be to work on a farm with all my friends?
Am I prepared to give my best effort, as well as my allowance, to President Obama?
Why are people so scared of the term “President for Life?”

Follow up quiz after the President's speech; example question:
4) What can I do to personally show my support for President Obama?

A) Start making Republicans-only snuff films.
B) Report any suspicious activity by my parents directly to the White House (Suspicious activity includes, but is not limited to: yelling at the TV every time President Obama is on; opposing health care reform; driving an SUV; being self-reliant in general).
C) Every time I hear someone talk about what a disastrous decision President Obama made with Van Jones, I can immediately drop my pants, defecate on the floor and then begin finger painting with my own excrement.
D) Put on my “NEOCON and loving it!” t-shirt and set fire to the local DNC office while a friend videotapes it.

-The Van Jones high tech lynching:

First step:
Obama Caves, Demotes Van Jones From Czar To Archduke
Second step:

(H.T. Don Surber.)

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