Friday, September 04, 2009

KennedyCare: El Ted or Weekend at Bernie's?

Harold Witkov relates the story of El Cid and the battle for control of Valencia, Spain back in the 11th Century with the Dems now promoting universal health care using Teddy Kennedy:
The battle for the city of Valencia was not going well for the Christians and when El Cid suffered a fatal wound, he withdrew from the fight to inside the walls of Valencia, and the Moors grew confident. After his death, his fellow Christian soldiers, the next morning, tied his dead body upright, in full armor, on his beautiful white stallion, Babieca, and opened the main city gate. When the Moors saw El Cid appear to be alive and well, and galloping towards them with his knights charging behind, they ran away in fear and the Christian city of Valencia was victorious.
That's very romantic.

Other commenters have associated KennedyCare with Weekend at Bernie's where the protagonists haul around a corpse to save their own lives and party on.

Slightly less romantic.

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