Monday, September 21, 2009

New Blogging Requirements

It seems the newest rule in successful blogging or in garnering headlines for yourself and your blog is the necessity of banning somebody. It's Rule 4 of McCain's Rules gone nuclear.

Stacy McCain did not start it, but he sure has gleefully joined in on the fun. And here. Over here. Yonder. And back there. Et al...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's banning and being banned going on all over the blogosphere. I might as well join in the fun. It won't really mean anything since I haven't really done it and can always question what the meaning of 'is' is and refuse to acknowledge a tax-by-any-other-name is still a tax.

I hereby ban Grandpa John from blogging on his own blog. He hasn't posted for years so I'll take credit for the authoritarian heavy hand.

I will also ban The TrogloPundit from posting or commenting on Grandpa John's as well. It seems as though Lance has already wussed out on his Packers-in-the-Super-Bowl hopes.

If, perchance, Lance is able to get a post or comment through my defenses, I can always blame Smitty who is famous for egregious vetting errors such as inferring that The TrogloPundit is a metrosexual from Michigan. (Being labeled a metrosexual is almost palatable, but being accused of being a Michigander is really offensive. Excepting you, of course, blogprof.)

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