Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hopelessly Blocked

What do Jack Cashill, Christopher Andersen, and Bill Ayers have in common?

All three claim that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams from my Father.

Jack Cashill is an author of 7 books including Hoodwinked, a study of intellectual and literary fraud. He has studied the style of 'Dreams.' One article is here with 9 of his other articles linked.

Christopher Andersen is the author of Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage. Cashill writes:
Andersen contends that the ambitious Obama, unaware of JFK's own literary fraud, hoped to launch his own political career with a book as did John Kennedy with the discreetly ghost-written Profiles In Courage.

Despite a large advance, Obama found himself "hopelessly blocked." After four futile years of trying to finish, Obama "sought advice from his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers." This he did "at Michelle's urging," she being the more pragmatic half of the couple.
Anne Leary of Backyard Conservative had a chance meeting with Bill Ayers in Washington where he claimed to have written 'Dreams.'
[...]Then, unprompted he said--I wrote Dreams From My Father. I said, oh, so you admit it. He said--Michelle asked me to.[...]
At least now Obama is no longer 'hopelessly blocked.' His teleprompter takes care of that. I just hope that his socialistic agenda remains hopelessly blocked.

But, I thought Bill Ayers was just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood," and "not somebody who I exchange ideas with on a regular basis." Oh, he was probably blocked and didn't have the accurate information immediately available to his cerebral cortex.

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