Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Neck Bone Connected to the Head Bone...

The sculptor, artist, and luminary Antony Gormley has really got it goin' on. He outlines the answers to all our problems.

My idea to change the world is to dispense with your shoes; dispense with your socks to get in touch with the Earth. Get your most feeling part of skin in touch with all those different surfaces. It can be carpeting; it can be concrete; it can be earth; it can be grass.

The idea with this really is a feature of making the world a better place; a kind of act of solidarity with those that perhaps don't have the choice whether they wear shoes or not.

But the fact is that our feet connect with our brains and they're an amazing perceptual instrument thru which we engage with weather, time, temperature; with all the different surfaces and textures of our world.

This is a time of Global Warming. Through our feet, I think, we can begin to feel it. Through our feet, I think, we can begin to be one people standing through gravity on one Earth.

With his head bone solidly articulating with his rectum bone, Mr. Gormley must be angling for some czar position in the Obama Administation or perhaps to replace the present Speaker of the House of Representatives.

(H.T. Fausta's Blog.)

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