Thursday, December 03, 2009

Glad I Got a Second Take

While on my way to work the other day I passed a van parked along the street. In its rear door windows it had a pair of bumper stickers that caught my eye. One said 'Obama' and the other 'John Deere.' Dejected at the correlation, I nearly changed my old time tractor favorite from John Deere to Farmall or even 'Nasty' Harris.

The next day the van had returned to its spot. I looked at the stickers again and noticed that the Obama sticker had a little extra. It actually said 'Impeach Obama.' I realized that John Deere had not turned to the dark side.

Childhood sights and sounds etched indelibly into my mind:

How can you tell that it is not Grandpa Jerry disking with that John Deere B? 'Cause he's driving in a reasonably straight line.

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