Monday, December 14, 2009

Things that Brett Favre Should Have Learned from Aaron Rodgers

Viking quarterback Brett Favre has long been known to be a little slow on the uptake. At the start of his career with the Atlanta Falcons, he would come to games still somewhat drunk and hungover from 'six-packing'. His long career with the Green Bay Packers often featured an inability or outright refusal to follow coaching direction. What some called 'gun-slinging,' we all too often called 'pick-sixing.' Former Packer coach Mike Holmgren could regale you for days with such stories.

Nevertheless, Brett Favre has displayed a near miraculous longevity and success that has produced the league record for league records. And the count is continuing upward with the Vikings.

There are a couple of records for which Favre's pursuit has been frustrated. Lance has been chronicling (Updated chronicle) the chase for some time now. The two most coveted, but elusive records are career fumbles, currently held by Warren Moon, and career sacks, held by John Elway. Favre is approaching those at a snail's pace even though both are well within reach.

Lance is a bigger Favre fan than I, probably since he wasn't a living witness to the Packers' Glory Days of the 1960's so perhaps doesn't understand Favre's greatest weakness. He still is unteachable. Had he listened to those wiser than he, he would have those two other records bearing his name right now.

The present Packer quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, sat on the bench 'learning' from Farve for three years before Favre retired, or not, and then was given the boot, or not. As irony would have it, if Favre would have spent those three years learning from Rodgers, he would have owned two more records already. The last time I checked Aaron Rodgers had been sacked 20 more times than Favre this season. Had Favre learned from Rodgers, the sack record would be his. In Sunday's game against the Bears, Rodgers fumbled twice... during the same play. Had Favre learned from Rodgers, he would also have seen Warren Moon in his rear view mirror.

If Brett Favre would have taken to larnin' instead of Mississippi bullhead gun-slingin', he would be even a more-record holder. As it is, these distinctions are in jeopardy. When the Packers play the Vikings again, this time in the NFC second round or the NFC Championship, the game will end with a Packer victory after Brett throws an interception in overtime allowing a Packer field goal to beat them.

Then Brett Favre will retire... or not... this time for sure... maybe. Well, yeah, for sure, so he can go to his grandchildren's graduations and stuff. I don't know... he can't end his career with an interception...

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