Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is Martha Coakley Smearing The TrogloPundit?

The Democrat Massachusetts candidate for the special election to fill the late Teddy Kennedy's U.S. Senate seat, Martha Coakley, has shown a propensity for outrageous claims. Therefore, it would not be a gigantic leap to to believe that she has expanded her accusations beyond the attacks on her election opponent, Republican state senator, Scott Brown.

I strongly suspect that it was Coakley and her goons that promoted this attack on The TrogloPundit a couple of weeks ago. The Trog was purportedly seen frolicking on a yacht with several nude ladies:

That close resemblance was proved to be a hoax, but the damage to Lance's reputation, such as it is, was done.

Not satisfied with that effort, I expect that Ms. Coakley and her friends may also be behind this latest smear on the Trog via computer aging:

Lance's accusers claim that they can identify the plastic surgeon that did the nose job and the doctors that performed the kidney transplant, but I suspect that this is probably also a hoax.

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