Monday, January 04, 2010

Stacy McCain in Pasadena

Stacy McCain presaged the initial portion of his Pasadena experience:
Hmmm. “Police madness,” huh? Obviously they’ve brought in extra security. Someone must have warned them I was coming.

Hunter S. Thompson got tear-gassed at the ‘68 Democratic Convention. If I get tasered in Costa Mesa, blame Dan Collins.

Don’t worry. I doubt even the notoriously tough cops in Costa Mesa would tase a professional journalist. They don’t need that kind of bad media mojo.
Or maybe not...

But McCain is prepared:
There is no law enforcement hassle that can’t be prevented with a bag of fresh Krispy Kremes.

"Patrolmen, why did you let McCain go free?"

"'Cause he's an Alabama fan and is gonna feel bad enough when their butts are kicked by Texas. Besides, he had donuts and made us promise to save some for you, Sarge."

"Carry on, men."

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