Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Elite Intellectual vs. Midwestern Small Town Knuckledragger

Jennifer Rubin notes the evolutionary advancement:

In this corner... the knuckledragging plebian, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI):
[David] Gerson notes that Ryan offers a serious alternative to endless deficits and government dependency.

Ryanism is not only a technical solution to endless deficits; it represents an alternative political philosophy.
And in the blue corner... Elite Harvard Law School Grad, President Barack Obama:
...really don’t want to debate...

...offers condescension...

...supposed to be the ideas man...

...where is his interesting blueprint for reforming entitlements? Well, he couldn’t even manage his own ObamaCare plan, so I suppose he isn’t into the details so much.
The judges' decision:[Obama] is the un-Ryan — that is, unserious and uninteresting.

But, who won?

(H.T. Pundit & Pundette.)

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