Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mark Steyn- The Most Evilest Since Bush

Research in preparing the Mark Steyn dossier has been enlightening. He has been found to be a member of:

-The American Taliban

-The Murderous Khmer Rouge Regime

-The Irresponsible, Homophobic, Racist, Reactionary, Ex-nude Model, Tea-bagging Supporter of Violence Against Women and Against Politicians with whom he Disagrees Club

-The Global Warming Deniers that are 'the equivalent of failing to shout fire in a crowded theater that is slowly filling with deadly fumes.'

Mark Steyn offers his friends a toast
While the children of the world are left to roast.

For these reasons, Mark Steyn has been chosen as:

Grandpa John's Man of the Week.

Congratulations, Mr. Steyn.

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