Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Had a Dream

It had been a long, hard day.

And I fell asleep and dreamed.
I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie.
And that I was the star of the movie.
This really blew my mind, the fact that me,
an overfed, long-winded leaping blogger
should be the star of a Hollywood movie.

I fired up my computer and went to see what The TrogloPundit had to say. There was a post about Danica Patrick and a post about Sarah Palin. There was Hayden Pannetierre [sic], Sandra Bullock, and Gina Carano. A little farther down the page there was a post with some actual text in it. It said, 'President Obama signs ObamaCare into law.'

I slapped my forehead and realized that I had to pee... badly. As I opened the bathroom door and stepped in, I found that I wasn't in Kansas anymore:

It didn't really hit me until I began reading the headstones:

This startled me so much that I thought I had awakened. But, instead, now I was swimming in the ocean. It wasn't really the ocean, but my bed somehow was soaked. I shuddered to as I realized that Obama's Death Panels don't view adult incontinence with favor. I expected to soon to receive my one-way ticket on the maiden voyage of the B.O.S. Iceberg.

UPDATE: After publication of the last photograph, a Rasmussen Poll indicated that ObamaCare's favorability rose 4 points.

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