Monday, March 15, 2010

Is No Sheeples Schizophrenic?

As the NCAA Tournament March Madness rapidly approaches the hopes of 65 different college and university fans reach a fever pitch. Spring is nigh and these hopes spring forth as the green shoots of the dormant wintering plants stretch for the warm sunlight. Flip-flop season is upon us again.

Flip-flop. Besides the generic name for casual human footwear, it also provides a description of some human statements and actions. This year's March Madness illustrates this 'about face.'

During the college football season, Carol No Sheeples was a rabid Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Rabid, I tell ya. But, now that NCAA basketball is reaching its climactic conclusion, Carol has thrown the Tide under the bus and is a rabid Duke Blue Devils fan. A flip-flop of maddening proportions, I tell ya.

"What the flock is goin' on out there?"

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