Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Lab's New Computer Youthanizing Program

Smitty, the backbone of The Other McCain, recently posted a short piece that critiqued some Progressive repetitive, whiny invective. He states, "After 4.5 years at sea and 3 deployments in the Navy, I can pronounce these callers unimaginative."

That got me wondering about Smitty's naval career. We've all seen recent pictures of Chris in various situations, but I have never seen one of him in his younger days. Naturally, I instructed the scientists in our secret basement laboratory to write a computer program that would take a picture of any individual and 'youthanize' him or her to allow us to view his visage from an earlier time.

After the program was completed we took this picture of Smitty with Tabitha Hale. (Tabitha was using a special ultrasound technique to assess Smitty's intracranial density.)

The program went to work using the photo, Tabitha's data, and Rick Baker's unmatched talents and came up with The Young Smitty:

I expect that this youthanized image of Smitty is quite accurate.

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