Saturday, September 18, 2010

G.O.P. Field of Presidential Hopefuls Wide Open

Donald Douglas titles a recent post 'Wide G.O.P. Field Tests the Waters for 2012 Contest.'

We here wish to be the first to announce:

There are a few minor details to be worked out, however. Even though we have several million of these bumper stickers printed, we have yet to solidify the actual ticket.

Will it be...

-Todd/Grandpa Steve,
-Grandpa Steve/Lance,
-Lance/Grandpa Steve,
-Grandpa Steve/Todd,

Even Grandpa Jerry may try to muscle his way onto the ticket although we really are saving him for Secretary of the Navy.

Stacy and Smitty are tabbed for co-Press Secretary.

Paco, Bob Belvedere, Pat Austin, GatorDoug, Chris Kobus, Pundette Jill, Donald Douglas, Carol-No Sheeples, William Jacobson, Chris Wysocki, Fishersville Mike, Real Debate, Left Coast Rebel, Owen (or more hopefully, Wendy), Keith Burgess-Jackson, and Steve Eggleston have all been tabbed for other yet-to-be-invented czar posts.

There are many others that are being debated and vetted. (Although czar candidates need not be vetted.)

One thing is for sure. Grandpa John will NOT be included in the discussion.

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