Thursday, October 07, 2010

Explaining the Pitfalls of the Health Care Law to Give even the Most Die Hard Liberal a Pant Load

I have found that explaining the usual Conservative complaints about HR3962, the Affordable Health Care For America Act, to a Liberal/Progressive/Socialist true believer just doesn't elicit much more than 'Racist Rich lover' responses.

I have also found, however, that there is an argument that snaps them to serious contemplation and sometimes even toward repudiation of the law. I remind them that one of the major phrases contained within the nearly 2,000 pages of legalese is
' the discretion of the Secretary (Health and Human Services)...'
In addition to the many places the phrase is directly used, its scope also falls within the penumbra of vast expanses, if not all, of the law as written.

I remind them that at present the HHS Secretary is Kathleen Sebelius. Nevertheless, when a Republican is elected to the Presidency, he or she will appoint a new Secretary of Health and Human Services:

Before I turn and walk away from their slack-jawed visage, I show compassion upon them and hand them one of these:

I bought stock!


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