Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The NFL Tightens Hard Contact Rules

Lots of chatter today concerning the NFL's crackdown on the ubiquitous tackling that's been happening during recent games. Opinions vary and are always offered with gusto.

(The Blogprof gives his opinion.)

We here at Grandpa John's know that you come to us for concise, accurate analysis on these matters, so without further ado, here goes:

Although the game of pro football will be eternally changed, the NFL is a business so they need to protect their investments:

"Ref, he's looking up my skirt. Flag 'im for bum-looking!"

"Get him... Grab his flag!"

"Hines Wards should receive a 3 games suspension and $500,000 fine for this hit."

Reporters and photographers will have to adapt as well so they do not get suspended from NFL games:

"No head shots!"


But this rule will protect players and teams from more than just vicious tackles on the field:

"Ma'am, can you pick the offender out of this lineup?" 

And most of all, this new rule will protect the league's franchise:

"No head shots of either kind, Brett!"

UPDATE: Deanna Favre issued a statement yesterday saying, "Those alleged pictures that Brett allegedly sent to that reporter were allegedly meant for me - but you know Brett - they were intercepted!"

(Alleged H.T. Grandpa Jerry.)

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