Monday, December 06, 2010

Family Notes- Some Highlights and Oddities

Have been spending a lot of time working to produce a DVD of our family tree. Of the photographs collected, many remain of unknown subjects and there are not many still living to put names to the faces.

I have also found out some interesting and odd things that have shaken out of the tree. My great-great-great grandfather Adam was killed by an avalanche in Switzerland. Now, anytime I have to shovel out of my driveway, it won't seem such a hardship.

My grandfather John was drafted for WWI, Uncles Dave and Fred were in the Navy stationed in Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack. Cousin Ted was awarded the Silver Star in Viet Nam and I received orders for the same 'police action.'

My grandmother died in 1927 and my grandfather remarried in 1932. Reading the records closely shows that his second marriage was to his sister's daughter. What the?? Even further research proved that she was an adopted daughter. Phew!

And lastly, I have yet to discover the situation here:

Is this a manly girl or a girlie man? Was my family diverse before diversity was cool? No answers yet, but I'm still looking.

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