Friday, January 28, 2011

Is The TrogloPundit Invested in McArthur?

The TrogloPundit has been abusing the Pittsburgh Steelers a great deal lately during the run up to the Super Bowl against our Packers; and righteously so. The Packers are by far the superior team and better organization. However, there is a mysterious skeleton in the Trog's closet with which he has not been forthcoming.

The famed Steeler 'Terrible Towel' has been manufactured since 1997 by a company located in Lance's small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin.

The company also employs disabled people to produce the 'Terrible Towels' for fans of the Steelers who obviously have a pro football emotional disability themselves. After Super Bowl XLV the Pittsburgh fans will benefit by the new design of these towels to absorb greater amounts of their tears and weeping after the Steelers' devastating loss.

The Baraboo company will also be re-introducing the 'Titletown Towel' that they issued in 1996, before the 'Terrible Towel' was produced.

Lance can be forgiven for this oversight as it is so easy to confuse the production of the 'Terrible Towel' with the ongoings at Baraboo's Circus World Museum.

UPDATE: I am fairly certain that it is possibly untrue that Lance and his family sneak into the manufacturing plant and spit, blow their noses, rub their arm pits or do other nasty things to each 'Terrible Towel' before they are boxed for shipment around the world.

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I am pretty certain that it is probably incorrect that Puncture and his family members put into the production facility and throw, strike their noses, rub their arm sets or do other unpleasant things to each 'Terrible Towel' before they are encased for shipping all over the globe.

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