Monday, January 24, 2011

What Could Be Better Than the Packers Going to the Super Bowl?

As a Packer fan, Green Bay's participation in the Super Bowl is about as good as it can get. But this year the road is paved with gold.

The Pack not only won the National Conference Championship, they have given the fan of the Green and Gold the extra pleasure of beating the hated rival Chicago Bears in their own Windy City house to take the George (Papa Bear) Halas trophy home to Green Bay.

The Packers not only are headed to the Super Bowl, kicked the Bears' behind in Chicago en route to Dallas, but also can watch and listen as Bear fans turn around and cannibalize their own team's high priced quarterback, Jay Cutler. Priceless! Burn his jersey! Call him gutless!

I can only assume that these Bear fans have adapted a phrase from home town gal, Oprah Winfrey, and now call the Bear QB Va-Jay-Jay Cutler. I can even imagine several of them adding the letter 'n' in a strategic spot within his surname.

Gotta love those Bear fans.

(As Rex Grossman rolls his eyes and shakes his head.)

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