Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life in Wisconsin as of Late

 Many of you foreigners may be wondering what life in Wisconsin has been like in recent days as one moves away from the union/Walker battle going on at the Capitol in Madison.

Actually, very little has changed. Last night near our fortified compound here in Janesville the rate of gunfire was not at all out of the ordinary. Our roving family patrols guarding the perimeter only had to cut down 3 intruders; 2 raccoons and an opossum. With great pride I can tell you that our almost 2 year old granddaughter, Isabella, shot her first transgressor, a medium sized coon. We always give our younger grandchildren a smaller gauge shotgun until they become skilled enough to handle a M-16. Our littlest darling was so proud and excited exclaiming, "Ganpa, I thinks that raccoon was public union!" And the possum made a most excellent breakfast smothered in fine Wisconsin cheese.

After after emerging from our bunker to make our usual early morning perimeter rounds checking security measures, sensors, and booby traps, Matthew and I were approached by some mainstream media reporter named Robertson and after asking our names he asked a few questions of us.
ROBERTSON: Steve, you've been here down here on on your fortified compound for many days. You've just listened to President Obama saying that America must live within its means and if any state wants help and assistance he will send community organizers, and hopes that there will be a good transition for jobs for the young people in Wisconsin. What would be your message for President Obama?

STEVE: We don't know, actually, who besides himself that he supports. He serves for his own purposes, but the people of Wisconsin have voted for our freedom and democracy. Any democratic country should be for the people, not for its own purposes....

ROBERTSON: Matthew is joining me now. We just heard President Obama say that he wants to extend, eh, support and assistance to Wisconsin people if they want any, and he hopes that there are more jobs for the young people in the future. What's your message for President Obama?

MATTHEW: Well, my message to President Obama is just, "We started this fiscally responsible move by electing a Conservative governor and legislature without any outside help, and we are going to finish it also without any outside help. President Obama should mind his own fiscal house"...

ROBERTSON: Are you pleased that President Obama has come out, however, now and said he supports this change and supports the people and supports the young people and -- and what they've done?

MATTHEW: Well, actually President Obama's views were conflicting with our process during the week... but now he's saying something else again....

ROBERTSON: The view from here is one of very happy Badgers to now hear that President Obama has swung behind the people. They are glad to have him in their corner against the election stealing Hitler-clone Governor Scott Walker.
Just another regular day here in Wisconsin about 40 miles from the state Capitol.

(The media outlet, LM-ABC [Little Miss Attila Blogging Co.] wants you to know that Robertson does not work for her.)

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