Saturday, March 12, 2011

Madison Protester Profile

Hallis Mailen

(Scott Olson/Getty)

In 1992, with the end of the war in the Gulf, and soldiers coming home with Gulf War Syndrome, Hallis began to spend time traveling the country, visiting national parks going to Rainbow Gatherings where he had the opportunity to participate with tribal medicine men and women from Native American and Maori Tribal members as well as Buddhist priests, and Tibetan monks visiting the US, and began to study indigenous tribal customs and rituals which helped to relieve him of anxiety and broaden his impression of what he calls 'The Big Picture'!

This helped him to dig deep inside himself, express his inner beliefs and emotions by using art, and attempt to free lance his design skills and personal form of artistic expression. It was at this time that he took on the tribal name 'Shapechanger' because of his ability to articulate through art what he had experienced, thus developing into his trademark penname.

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